Dr Rohit Khanna

Non-Executive Director

Dr Khanna has nearly 40 years of experience in analytical science, business leadership and laboratory application software. In 1981, Dr Khanna co-founded Dynamic Solutions, a software-engineering firm dedicated to providing computing solutions to the scientific and engineering community. The company’s data management software became a leader in transitioning the analytical instrument industry to automated system control and data analysis, before being acquired by Waters Corporation in 1986. Dr Khanna went on to hold various senior management roles at Waters Corporation, including Vice-President and General Manager of the Data Products Group. In 2002, Dr Khanna was appointed Vice-President, Worldwide Marketing, and most recently Dr Khanna was Senior Vice President of several key Waters Corporation businesses including Informatics, Service, and Chemistry – along with being a member of the Corporate Executive Committee. Dr Khanna retired from Waters Corporation at the end of 2017 but remains closely connected to the industry, participating on several Boards and providing strategic advisory services. Dr Khanna holds a Bachelor of Science (Chemical Engineering) from Purdue University and a doctorate in chemical engineering from California Institute of Technology where he was a National Science Foundation Fellow.

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