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We started our journey to make a difference. To develop analytical and scientific products and services that would enable critical improvement in the analytical workflow to benefit our customers and partners. It was also an aspiration that we knew could lead to a profound impact on human well-being enabled by the delivery of precision products that protect the sample integrity and minimise result variation, leading to more informed decisions and treatments.

We welcome you as an investor and invite you to take a tour of the Trajan facilities around the world to meet some of our incredible team who, like us, are supporting science that benefits people.

Screen_Shot_2021_05_10_at_9_06_33_pm_10a8447591.png Stephen Tomisich (CEO & Founder) & John Eales (Chair)

Trajan Group Holdings' H1 FY23 Financial Results

Trajan Group Holdings released its H1 FY23 Financial Results on Monday 27 February 2023. Trajan Managing Director and CEO Stephen Tomisich hosted a webcast the same day, providing investors with an overview of activity in H1 FY23 and a look at what's next for the Company.

Science that benefits people

Trajan is a purpose-led Australian business that aims to enrich human well-being through the design, manufacture and supply of precision consumable products, devices and solutions used in the analysis of biological, food, water and other environmental samples.

Investor Highlights

Strongly positioned for rapid scale-up

Strong customer relationships: Long-term relationships with global ‘blue-chip’ customers including OEMs, pharmaceutical companies and contract research organisations.

Market leading innovator: Strong technical expertise and know-how of the manufacturing of precision analytical instruments and components. Portfolio of innovative technologies and devices to support the trend towards decentralised, personalised data-based healthcare.

High quality and experienced management team: Global management team led by founders, assembled to provide the human capital platform required to execute on growth strategy.

Global infrastructure: Manufacturing and distribution operations, systems and certifications designed for customer proximity with 5 sites across 3 continents.

Ready to scale: Deep technology commercialisation pipeline and globally identified acquisition targets provide significant upside potential to the existing and strong underlying consumable and components business.

Strong track record: 7 complementary acquisitions completed pre listing, all self funded through continued high financial performance.

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Financial Reports and News

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Trajan Investor Presentation and Investor Roadshow

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